Hello 👋, I'm Nagendra.
Senior Product Designer from
Vancouver, Canada.


Discover and
target Personalized

Ad’s play a major role in Facebook’s revenue with significant YOY growth. The big spenders like Walmart and Coca Cola needed a precise and personalized ad targeting based on user data. I worked with Facebook’s “measurement team” as a product designer in designing an all-new product (Topic Discovery).


Bringing age old
khatabook's to mobile

With over 460 million internet users, India is the second-largest online market, ranked only behind China. Each day more and more people are accessing the internet to connect, buy and share. But one part population is still sitting behind there long ledger notebooks or Khatabooks to manually enter data. Kirana stores or local stores of India run on small loans or udhar which usually get paid at the end of each month.


Accessible and
affordable health for all.

With 70% of India’s population living in rural areas only 3% of the doctor population reside there. Most of them receive little to no proper health care services and are forced to visit tire 1 cities for better health care. But with telemedicine people now have access to doctors and their services at the comfort of there homes with minimal cost and effort.


Designed to be
Secure and private

Trulioo simplifies customer verification, document, risk, fraud and financial crime for banks, payment providers with ease using its global gateway platform. But the company needed a simple integration that can be installed in minutes and be up and running across multiple variables. That’s where I came in as lead UI/UX designer in running design sprints, customers journey maps, interviews, UX sessions, designs, and prototyping - to launch a new developer platform similar to Stripe.


manage, connect, and automate businesses

Avenue, a real estate CRM/SASS product to manage and close real estate deals in the shortest timeframe. I joined the team of 25 as a lead product designers and transformed the company's design systems, interfaces and experiences across 15 web and mobile applications.